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What is a SPA (Salus Per Aquam)?
What is a SPA (Salus Per Aquam)?

What is a SPA (Salus Per Aquam)?

Although many people have recently been talking about SPAs, even so, the majority does not exactly what the word means.

It is possible to see words that have the same meaning as “SPA,” which means “health through water,” but are written in different ways.

For instance, “Salus Per Aquam.”

The customary meaning of the Latin, “Sonus Per Aqua," "Salut Per Aqua," or "Sanitas Per Aquas,” is health from water, or health that comes through water.

The Latin words are a combination of “Sanitas” - “Health” and “Aqua” - “Water” and translate as health that comes through water.

In general terms, it can be defined as gaining health, energy, aesthetics and beauty treatment through water and the curing nature of water.

As well as the meanings explained above, SPA also means a center, the aim of which is to provide the individual with physical and spiritual healing or therapies.

Historically, the origins of the SPA go all the way back to the Roman Empire.

Bath treatments, designed to heal exhausted and weakened Roman soldiers returning from war, and help their injuries, were then called “Sanus Per Aquam” SPA – health through water.

In fact, there is a city named SPA founded in Belgium in 14th century with the same objective and has survived until today.

SPA culture, which began in Rome but developed in different ways throughout Europe, has over time included the use of mineral waters, sea water and many other therapies.

In SPA culture, historically, the main theme to have emerged from this treatment is a form of hydrotherapy.

Beauty centers founded in accordance with the problems of people and carry the aim of meeting all of their needs and expectations and improve health are now called SPAs.

Therefore, SPA also means health centers, health clubs, rest and therapy centers.

SPA treatments can be classified as wet therapies (hydrotherapy), dry therapies (massages, wrapping the body), vitality therapies (oxygen breathing) and beauty therapies.

In a SPA center there is generally a sauna, a steam room and a SPA pool.

The word Spa, which covers a much larger context than its original meaning, is not only a word given to water and mud therapies but also a name given to the facilities that offer hot water pools, various massage therapies and aroma therapies, as well as health and beauty cures. It is also used to describe healing through water, health that comes from the use of water, resting and comfort from various applications of water, such as effusion, the dripping and spraying of cold and hot water, in addition to other forms, as a supplemental therapy.

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